5 Day Plant Based Challenge


Lorrel & Nancy

Make this year the one that makes a difference.

How you feel & how you look is all about to change.

Add more veggies or go completely plant based.

The 5 Day Plant Based Challenge with Lorrel & Nancy will guide you.

We've been where you are and we want to support you as dive deeper into living a more plant based lifestyle.

What You'll Learn...

Who are We?

Nancy (Addison)Gibbons is an award winning author from Dallas,Tx who's passionate about quality organic living. She's dynamic and actively educating the benefits of eating plant-based & organic through her seminars, tv & radio & health coaching. Nancy is a certified nutritionist, chef & world traveler.

Lorrel Elian is a Business Coach & Entrepreneur whose purpose is derived from living a healthy plant based lifestyle. From Saskatchewan, Canada. Certified as an internationally recognized Psychosomatic Therapist and yoga teacher. Being an online business coach allows her to travel the world to experience the spices & plant based food of other cultures.

More research is showing that plant based really agrees with us.

Our 5 Day Challenge is more than eating more greens. We are both passionate about people being educated about what you're putting in your body and the quality of your environment. If your veggies are grown in depleted soil...well this is a problem when it comes to what you're receiving for nutrients. What you're not getting from your food source you do need to supplement. We want to provide you with the very best resources and information so you can make the best decisions for yourself.

We are on the journey with you! We continue to discover through our research and personal trials what's working and what to watch for.


Discover new ways to enjoy veggies with our tested & loved recipes


Learn how detoxing is easier than you may have thought and part of what your body does naturally


You'll receive a shopping guide to make it easier


We'll be in the kitchen live with you

You're going to learn about more than just food. You'll learn new concepts and often not revealed info about the quality of your food

We have been facebook friends since 2012. We finally met in person, in April 2019 in Costa Rica.

We are both passionate about living in a world free of harmful chemicals and feel that everyone should have easy access to

healthy organic food. We both raised our children this way and continue to find ways to educate others so that they too can experience a healthy organic life. Being plant based eaters has been a process for us, so we understand what it's like. We feel we are a great support for those who are:

  • curious but don't know where to start
  • searching for supportive community
  • dealing with adverse health issues
  • wanting to be part of a solution to a healthier world
  • wanting to eat more 'clean'

We are dedicated to our vision of a world that has chemical free food practices and reaching more

people who want to thrive on a plant based life.